Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Uh-oh, someone has hurt themselves. That beautiful shoulder of Sheldon's is separated. Oh no. No information on how serious the injury is and how long our excellent powerplay specialist will be out. Wait, he hasn't improved our PP yet. I should not call him that. Our over-paid and ineffective powerplay quarterback is injured. Is that better? Yes I believe it is. Hopefully, I can call him our kickass PP QB someday but not yet.

So the Oilers will be without SS for the next game against Phoenix. Seriously, this is just what the Oil need. A crappy team to kick the crap out of. Now let's hope the trend of the Oilers playing like crap themselves discontinues. This team needs to get back on the winning side and this is just the game for them. Also, Schremp is practicing with Hemmer and Cogs on the first line....could this be any more of a gift for Robbie? Time to man-up.....this is the best opportunity you will ever get. Don't blow it!

Prediction: Oilers 6-1 over Phoenix with the Cogs-Hemmer-Schremp line scoring 5 of the 6 goals. The 6th goal goes to Gagne, his first as an Oiler!


Shannon said...

Nice pic - it's hard to concentrate on hockey with a pic like that :'P

Okay, it's out of my system now! The Oil are comin' with a vengeance tonight!

3-1 Oil.

Scarlett said...

Yeah I figured a wee bit of eye candy was needed. It'll take our minds off the 4 game losing streak for a millisecond!

Lady_Byng said...

Schremp got sent back today, and JFJ recalled. I seriously don't get MacT's reasoning on this; Schremp only gets 3:12 of ice time and then he's sent back? Really, he hasn't done anything to impress me whatsoever, but who can with such little ice time? I sure hope JFJ likes to fly, as he's been sent down and recalled twice (?) already in this young season.

Scarlett said...

Exactly right....3.12 is not giving a guy much. I find that such bullshit. I'm not sure about Schrempy but he's not going to improve sitting on the bench. Either leave him in the AHL or actually play him when they bring him up. It's rediculous! MacT is retarded sometimes.