Monday, October 15, 2007

Not the Problem??

With the Oilers' powerplay at an anemic 1 for 25, people are beginning to talk. Dan Barnes from the Edmonton Journal speaks blasphemously or does he??

And you thought it was all Craig Simpson's fault.

The Oilers' power play, and isn't that a classic oxymoron, is fumbling along at a one-for-25 clip through six games. Its sparkling four per cent success rate ranks dead last in the 30-team National Hockey League.

And Simpson is no longer around to sport the goat horns.

So the question is: was Simpson really the problem or not? Now that MacT has 'taken over' reins of the powerplay this year, that question is very interesting. I've always insisted that MacT had his hands all over the powerplay in the past. How else do you explain Toby Peterson, whom enjoyed some man-love from MacT, on the powerplay?? This year, the powerplay has some new participants but strangely, the powerplay is exactly the same. The same plays, the same strategy.....get it to the point for the one-timer.

So maybe it's time to let Simpson off the hook a bit? Not completely because he was still the powerplay coach but maybe it's time to cut him some slack if MacT did in fact hover. One thing: it's early in the season and no time to panic just yet but the powerplay needs to mix it up. You have some serious players on the PP, why not let them be more creative? Another month of PP stinkage?? Then people can panic.

Update on Ethan Moreau: it is a broken bone in the foot like we've all suspected. He's out for at least another couple weeks.


Rob... said...

I was thinking that while I was watching one of the weekend games. They still are doing the same stupid PP moves, nothing has changed.

I never did think Simpson was the culprit. I remembering reading somewhere that MacT actually ran the PP ad Simpson helped....I can't seem to remember where that was, so maybe I'm off my rocker

d said...

Ugh, Ethan!!!

Lady_Byng said...

Poor Ethan. We really need him. Since he is on the trip down the Phoenix I hope he gives the boys a good talking to and they kick the crap outta the Coyotes.

Scarlett said...

Yes Ethan, captain-up!!! We need you!

the weaz said...

I often wonder if maybe MacT has "lost the room"? Have the players tuned him out? I look at the team and really, it's not that bad, where exactly does the problem lay?

Roxy said...

can I jump off the bandwagon yet?

Scarlett said...

Roxy, you stay on the wagon! I promise they'll start winning again!!!!!

Weaz, I think you're onto something there. This team played good games against Vancouver but no finish, no it MacT??

therealdeal said...

That's actually a very good point. Lot of changing variables though, no Smytty hurts the PP a lot.