Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He Hath Returned

Okay, I won't dredge up the past and go into details about the whole fiasco that surrounded Smyth and Lowe last year. I will say this: no one person deserves the entire blame for what happened. I truly believe they were both negotiating in good faith, thought it would get done and all would be right with the world. Anyways, they both cocked it up. The end.

So the Mullett returns to Edmonton tonight. Am I boo'ing? I have not decided. I will wear my Smyth jersey for the first time since he was traded. I refused to wear it and even went out this summer and bought two vintage jersey's before those new crappy ones came out. So I am a Fuhr and Messier girl now. But I will pull out the 94 one last time. I hope the Oilers will be classy and do up a pre-game appreciation for Smyth like they did for Smith. I will cheer for that. However, once the puck drops, he's the opposition and I sure won't be cheering for him. Boo'ing him? I'm not sure.

So how badly do the Oilers lose tonight? Man, this will be interesting. Joni Pitkanen is out for a couple weeks so Roy will probably draw in for tonight's game. Maybe our Laddy Smid will get a call-up soon since the Oilers are down a few d-men. I sure hope so. He's a big improvement over most of that defense.

Okay back to the game tonight. I think the Oilers come out hard and strong. This will be their best game since the two opening winning games. I'll be optimistic and say the Oil pull this out 3-2. Hemmer breaks out finally and scores all three.

UPDATE: Very good game even though our boys lost. 2 bad bounces cost the Oilers two goals in the first. One horrible penalty call with 2 mins left cost the boys a comeback. How the refs called a hook on Hemsky is crazy.....when the other guy had grabbed this stick and was holding it! Idiots.

Pitkanen is now out for 4 weeks instead of two. He's having surgery. When the hell did this happen? I can't find any more info on this injury. They've gotta call up Smid now. Roy actually played decent tonight. Another stinkfest for Greene. No surprise.


the weaz said...

Give Smytty a good cheer for me too while you're there. I'm all for giving him an ovation at the beginning of the game then cheering when he gets taken into the boards hard. This is the game I love, friens off the ice and enemies come game time.

Scarlett said...

I'm hoping he gets rode hard into the board. Yes. He deserves a nice cheer at the start, a thank you for some good years. Then back to business. Back to cheering for only current Oilers!

Shannon said...

Well, at least it was a good game! Yes, we lost, but the rookies looked goodd.

It's a start, right?