Saturday, October 06, 2007

Four More Years.....

Four more years folks! Yes Kevin Lowe has been given a contract extension for four more years. Honestly, I'm surprised at this announcement. I thought he might have worked his way out of town. With the contentious deals this summer (Vanek and Penner), I was thinking the Oilers would send him packing or at least wait until later in the season to decide his fate. But they give him a new deal in October. If this team is tanking in March, that would have been the opportunity to get rid of him. But he's here to stay.

I've always been a big supporter of Kevin Lowe but the past year has been hard to defend him. I support the Smyth trade, the other Smith trade, but the deal to bring Penner did not sit right with me. I hope he proves us all wrong. However, I truly believe the Oilers need some fresh blood. Kevin has been GM since 2000 and only made the playoffs three times. We're getting into Maple Leaf territory. Since when do we reward our employees when they make the playoffs 3 times in 7 years (okay one year was the lockout)?

I think the Oilers are a nice young team right now, and I like their chances this year and in the future. BUT....Lowe might have ruffled too many feathers and this will only hurt the Oil. Who will trade with this man? Who will sign as a free agent here? While I think Lowe is a great GM at times, it's not enough. Both MacT and Lowe need to move on...but that won't be happening for several years. So fans, we're going to have to live with it!

Today also marks the return of our captain, Jason Smith, to Edmonton. Also returning, Joffrey "disaster" Lupul! I hope Torres runs over Lupul...payback for dogging it last year!!!


Shannon said...

I was at the Philly game, and the tribute they gave to Jason Smith was very well done.

And, Jason even received a standing ovation. It was a great moment.

I had to laugh when Smith did his classic blocking the puck move ... in front of Garon! Everyone cheered just the same. A touching moment!

I also agree with the Smyth, Smith trade, and I think Penner has a lot of potential.

Scarlett said...

I think Jason was a bit reserved that night. I don't remember any big hits. But yeah, totally nice moment for the tribute!