Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Russians are Coming!!

OILERS WIN 3-2 in OT!!

2 goals from Russians. Yes, the Russians have arrived. Okay, maybe not arrived but they are scoping out the building. Trukhno scored a great goal and Grebeshkov gets the OT winner. I'm just happy to have some Russians back on this team!

One day after putting in a truly horrible performance, Matt Greene does it again. Bad penalties, out of position and on and on and on. Can I just say one last time: GET RID OF HIM!!! But on a better note, one day after a horrible performance, Grebeshkov bounces back and has a good game. He still made some mistakes but he cut down on them at least, and scored the OT winner. More on the winning goal later!

Some musings about tonight's game:

-apparently Carter received a concussion. I did not see the hit but noticed he was absent for 2/3rds of the game
-Pouliot took a nasty high stick in the first but came back for the third period. He was stitched up like those old hockey masks. Well, he wasn't much to look at before. Now he has character. He even played pretty good in the third.
-Horcoff, Stoll and Torres looked okay. I don't want to get on him but Torres seemed like his old self: good chances, but cocks up the shot. Horcoff was best man on the ice. Period!
-Nilsson had great speed and some chances. I was slightly impressed.
-Trukhno has got some skill. I like him a lot! He was even on the point for the powerplay and doing pretty good. Probably doesn't make this team quite yet but he has a future!
-Guess who impressed me too (second most): Sanderson. Yeah that dude who used to play for the Whalers. I kept noticing #8 all over the ice: speed, passes, good hockey sense. I forgot he was on the team and then I was voila, oh my god, it's him.
-Man of the night: Cogliano. This kid is ffffffffast. Great speed, passing, everything BUT the finish. He set up the overtime winner.....flying into the zone. Wow what speed. He just needs his hands to catch up to the rest of him!

One final note: I hate Leaves' fans. Way too freakin' many at this game. My hatred of them is only eclipsed by my hatred of Flamers fans!

One final final note: NHL is finally smarting up somewhat and getting rid of this rediculous and unbalanced schedule next year! What is not decided is whether everyone plays each other home and away or just once a year. I'm hoping for home/away series because I want to see every team each year especially the Canadian teams.


the weaz said...

I love hockey season.
I'm happy too that they are changing the schedule, now some of those eastern teams will get a chance to leave their own time zone a couple times.

Lady_Byng said...

I hate the Leafs fans too. Rude jackasses they are.
One note about Trukhno; the Oilers can't sign him, not even to a minor league contract. He's going back into the draft in 2008. Let's hope the Oilers can draft him then.
Cogliano reminds me of Todd Marchant with his speed and no finish. He definetly needs to work on his finish.

Scarlett said...

Are you sure about Trukhno? I was sure he was signed. Cause if he's unsigned, why the hell even look at him if he's going back to the draft. Give his minutes to someone else. But I'm sure he's signed.

Cogs was amazing. When he gets that finish, he's going to be way above Marchant!

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...

HERE is the info: he is signed. He signed a 3 year entry deal back in January!

Lady_Byng said...

I think I was thinking of a different Russian player that was at the Oilers rookie camp, because upon further investigation, Trukhno is a 4th round Oilers draft pick from 2005. My bad.

Scarlett said...

No biggie....I know who you meant. He was the one that was without a contract and was invited to camp kinda last minute. Karamnov is the name I think.

therealdeal said...

My honest comp of Cogliano is Marchant. Speed to burn but no finish. I'd be happy with another Marchant type player.

Scarlett said...

He may not have the finish right now, but to be on par with Marchant right now is huge. He'll get the finish and hands to go with the rest of his game, which is more than just speed. I'm excited to see him in the future!!!