Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He's not just a pretty face anymore...

Welcome Kyle Brodziak to the Edmonton Oilers. After the performance he gave last night, I'd be shocked if this kid doesn't make the team. The line of Moreau-Reasoner-Brodziak was on fire last night. Brodziak with 2 goals and 1 assist, Marty with 3 assists and Moreau with one sweeeeet goal.

Here are my other musings on the night:

-Brodziak played great with Moreau and Reasoner.
-Gagner was not bad. Got pushed off the puck quite often early, but bounced back later in the game
-Penner is one big guy. I shall refer to him as the lumberjack from now on.
-Hemmer was his old self: beautiful moves but then passes
-Roli rocked the net. He was rocked in the first period and held off the troops! 1 goal out of 18 shots....nice work Roli !!
-Defense was horrible: Grebeshkov couldn't check to save his life. He gives up a 2 on 1 within ten seconds into the second period, right off the faceoff. How did that happen? He was out of position all night.
-Greene continued his sucking
-Gilbert played solid as did Pitkanen. Nothing spectacular from either.
-powerplay was same as usual: pass, pass, pass and shot that misses the net
-O'Marra was trying too hard
-Jacques was invisible for first part of game, and then had some solid hits and chances
-Thoresen throwing the body too.

Obviously this is only one pre-season game, but Brodziak looks like the real deal. On one goal he scored, he out-muscled three guys and went top shelf. It was a beauty! I'm looking forward to the next game tonight and see what the rest of the rookies look like, and our other vets!!

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Shannon said...

"powerplay was same as usual: pass, pass, pass and shot that misses the net" - wait! I thought Craig Simpson was gone!!

Hmm - maybe you're right about good 'ole MacT having more say than he should in PP.

On a better note, I'm thrilled to hear that Roli was in tip top shape! I love goalies :')