Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Pity the Fool....

Yes I actually am pitying Kevin Lowe now following this. However, the rest of the Oilogosphere is hitting him hard. Is it his fault this team can't attract free agents? Maybe but lately it seems to be the reputation of Edmonton that is distracting players (thanks Pronger). Oh the travel sucks, oooh the winter sucks. Not really. I chose to live here over anywhere in Canada. Hell, I wouldn't step foot in the United States. No offence to Americans, but that is not exactly the ideal place to live. Kevin Lowe can't be blamed for all this, not entirely.

Lowe needs to dangle Ales Hemsky in front of these elite free agents. He has to say, hey look how good this kid was when playing with B+ players (sorry, Smyth is not an elite player. In addition, he's not the ideal linemate for a player with Hemmer's skill. Smitty stands in front of the net....that's all. He's not a strong skater, doesn't have a big shot and I don't care what kind of intangibles he brings). Hemmer has the potential to be a superstar, he needs to find better linemates (and of course shoot more often). Hemmer is the team now. There must be someone out there licking their chops to play on a line with him. Come on!!!

However, even though I pity Lowe and don't blame this entire fiasco on him (hello EIG, we know you play a part in all of this, people forget they hold the purse), I think it's time he moved on and took the entire coaching staff with him. Aside from a three month period, Lowe's tenure has not been successful in years. April to June 2006 notwithstanding, this team has struggled endlessly. I think Lowe is a great GM but he's hit the wall. It's time to bring in new more former Oilers. I adore the fact this team is linked to the past, but it's time to try something new.


mike said...

Kevin Lowe entered the program with a whole bunch of nothing and the debacle which was Oiler drafting in the 90's. Though you may dismiss 06 as fluke, I personally only am interested in winning the tournament, which, since the merger, Lowe and company have obviously done more than a couple times, and more than, well, every other team in the league.

If EIG dumps the coaching staff as you suggest, I am pretty sure we'd be in for a whole new program, and likely one built for making the playoffs consistently and thus Toronto's mediocrity, and at least another 5 year wait when instead, I think KL should sit tight, let the kids develop for a few years, add pieces slowly, and before too long the best franchise in the history of the NHL playoffs may surprise you again.

Shannon said...

Amen, sister! I am from Alberta, but southern Alberta. I love this city, and yeah, winter sucks no matter where you are. But the summers are beautiful, and it's a great, cultural city once people get past the idea of "Siberia".

I remain optimistically jaded for the fall, and that being said, I cannot wait for the next season to start!

Scarlett said...

Ugh good point Mike, I don't want to be like Toronto. I've defended Kevin Lowe this entire time, through all the trades but something has to give. If Lowe stays (which I would like too), he has to get rid of MacT. I love the guy, but he just can't seem to motivate the team. Even last year, there were questions on our defense, but the offense tanked. Sure both are linked, but I just think the Oilers need a change to kickstart things. Then again, maybe we're all panicking after one crappy season? But is it really one bad season? Every season is a struggle for this team, and something needs to change to light a fire under them. I'm tired of watching the struggle.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've always appreciated is the fact that Lowe has a great passion for this organization. For me that goes a long way.

I agree that maybe a new GM and coaching staff could bring about big and/or needed changes. Perhaps that will bring success. Personally, I'd stick with the known rather than the unknown. That is, a GM and coach that do pretty good given what they are dealt and are capable of going far when things fall into place (05-06). And lately Lowe has definitely been dealt a few big blows. I'm confident he will overcome them. I agree with Mike above there and will continue to sit tight. I don't believe the past season's last few months are indicative of more of the same. Just my take on things.