Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day: Oilers Trade their Captain!

Yes, Jason Smith has been traded to Philadelphia. That's the bad news folks. Good news is we finally get that puck-moving defenseman in Joni Pitkanen. Also included in the trade was Geoff Sanderson (who is apparently happy to be here. At least someone is!), a veteran forward whom I'm not sure is of any help for the Oilers, and a 3rd round pick in 2009. Even better news, joining Smith in Philly is pylon Joffrey Lupul. I'll make sure the door hits your useless and lazy ass on the way out! Good riddance!!

Thank god there was a big trade cause the early returns on signings were not promising! Dick Tarnstrom and Denis Grebeshkov signed one year deals. Good I guess, but that's our only free agent signings so far. That is pathetic. Are we not ponying up the dough or is it that they do not want to play in Edmonton (which I think might be more the case)? How do you fight that? Make trades.

Other news: stupid money being thrown at tier 2 players again. Briere getting an 8 year deal worth $6.5 mill a year (10 mill in the first year) from Philly. He has one good year (95 pts) and he's getting this kind of money?? Geesh. Everyone keeps saying Philly is now a contender? Yeah right. With Buffalo losing a couple big players, Ottawa owns the East now. Sorry, might make the playoffs but contenders you are not! Is Bobby Clarke still in charge over there cause guys are making the same mistakes as in the past. You're throwing too much money at a guy again, but also the length of the deal is ridiculous.

Rumours are flying that Ryan Smyth is being offered a 7 year deal from Colorado worth $7 mill a year. If that is accurate, holy hell. $7 mill for someone who has hit 70 or more points only ONCE! Yes, once in his entire career. His leadership or intangibles aren't worth that much!

Rafalski ends up in Detroit, Anaheim overpays for Schneider since Niedermeyer is probably retiring (what an retard), Blake in Toronto, Gomez is a Ranger, and other minor signings.

I'm still wondering what the point of the strike was? More overpays again!

Update: Gomez and Drury end up in Rangerland. Gomez gets 7.3 per year for 7 years and Drury gets 7 mill for 5 years. These are two guys who had 60 and 69 pts respectively. Briere's deal that averages 6.5 is looking like a freakin' steal right now. Sure it's front loaded with 10 mill his first year, but it averages out beautifully. And he had 95 pts last year.....35 more than Gomez who is getting $7.3/yr.

Update: Ryan Smyth ends up in Colorado for $6.25 mill/yr for 5 years. A little more reasonable BUT once again, only got 70 pts once and yet is only just under Briere's average of $6.5 and he got 95 pts last year. Strange! Another overpay!

Update: Oilers have apparently signed Michael Nylander. No details of the contract yet, but I don't mind this move. He had 83 pts last year, but was on a line with Jagr so his numbers are inflated a bit. But not a bad move on a day where money was being thrown around like it was candy and the Oil couldn't reel in any of the big guys! And Sykora has signed in Pittsburgh. How sad, I did enjoy ogling him!

Update: I think the Oilers need a winger (damn, we're deep at centre now with the signing of Nylander. Hemmer needs a winger for his line). I'll throw this out there....why not Bertuzzi? I'd love to see the Oilers go after him. He showed in the playoffs that he still has game (if healthy) and he'd probably be getable for a decent price. (Update: Bert has signed in Anaheim, damn)

Update: Capitals have signed Michael Nylander. I have no idea what the hell happened here. It's almost 5 mill a year for 4 years. For that price, I don't mind the Oilers missing out on this one. He's 34 yrs old....too old for that kind of money. So now what do the Oilers do?

Here is the link of the free agent signings.....not much left out there for the Oilers. Thus far, our only free agent signing is Dick (I'm not counting Grebeshkov). ONE PLAYER SO FAR....nice!

Saw this on Edm Journal, "Lowe said he called Smyth's agent (Don Meehan) first thing Sunday morning to put in Edmonton's bid. Lowe never received a call back." All I have to say, fuck you Smyth. You refused to sign a deal for damn good money in Edm so the Oilers had to trade you, and you wouldn't even have the decency to call back? I'm happy to get the chance to boo your money-grubbing ass 4 times this year. I hope to see you in the playoffs too so I can boo some more. Ass!!


d. said...

It's like Edmonton has a disease - no one wants to come here.

Goodbye, Gator. I loved your fierce stare and the way you beat up what's his face in the locker room. Maybe the Philly uniform guy will be able to get you pants that fit your butt?

Lupul? I have nothing to say to you.

Scarlett said...

Gator, love the stare. Love you laying a beating on Comrie! Will miss him lots!

Kyle said...

I'll make sure the door hits your useless and lazy ass on the way out! Good riddance!!

the weaz said...

So far, the moves we've made seem to be going ok. But you're right... some wingers would be nice, I would prefer ones that can light the lamp, and even better if they were born before the grunge music scene!

Shannon said...

Well said! Good riddance Lupul - I never did have faith in you anyway!

As for Smith, I'm sorry to see you go, but change is good.

A big fat raspberry to Smyth.

Anonymous said...

ditto "big fat raspberry"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jason Smith for giving it your all every night. I'll miss that look as well, and those "Where do you think you're going?" one arm slam downs on opponents. Philly's lucky to get you.