Friday, June 22, 2007

Pull the Trigger

Okay Kevin, now is the time to pull the trigger. Make a deal, do something...anything. The draft is few hours away, and deals are already floating around. The Maple Leaves, yes them, actually made a fantastic deal. They snagged Toskala from SJ for three draft picks...hello, don't we have draft picks? Not that I don't love Roli, but he's going to be useless within two years so why not grab a youngster?? Anyways, here's hoping the Oilers manage to pull something off!!! And if you're not going to pull the trigger on a trade, then turn the gun on yourself KLowe!

UPDATE: No big deals from draft day for our Oilers. The only news: passing on Cherepanov and Esposito not once, but twice. They ended up with the Rangers and Penquins respectively at picks 17 and 20. Yes, the two best prospects in this draft were passed repeatedly....and ended up in two big markets. I'm shocked the Oilers would pass on them....I don't care what the risks were but with the talent of these players, in particularly Cherepanov, how can you pass??


Kyle said...

I disagree with you that those two guys were the top prospects in the draft (too many question marks about both) but I think Lowe should have reasonably picked one of them when they were both still available when their 2nd pick came around.

Scarlett said...

OKay, maybe not the two best but either of them should of went top 5. I can see passing with their first pick, but with the second? Fuck that, take a chance. We'll see in a few years when their second pick tanks and the other two are having career years.

Anonymous said...

It was my first draft and I only watched the first day. I was surprised I enjoyed it, seeing these young men full of hope, potential and excitement, proud parents, seeing our picks slip on the Oilers jersey. I plan to watch next year as well.
I only heard of the names that had been in the media as well as some of the Western team players, so basically I have scantily scant knowledge. I, like many, never heard of Plante and Nash but have some comfort, in terms of scout rankings, that Red Line ranked Plante at #14 and Nash at #17. From what I understand (so far, and I am indeed using Lowe's explanation he gave in his 'Oiler's Live' interview) is that Red Line takes into account some more variables than say Central Scouting. I also take some comfort in that:
- these are young guys still maturing and who knows how they'll turn out in a few years. Basically a gamble or an exercise in best guesstimations mostly.
- many teams, not just the Oilers, decided to pass on Cherapanov and Esposito. I can understand with 3 first round picks, take a gamble but I'm just as content with 3 solid first rounders myself. Moreover, those two probably went to the best fit for them in the end. But like you say Scarlett, we'll see in a few years.
- Oiler's, i.e. in Lowe and his staff's time, are slightly above average in drafting. Not too shabby in my books.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks those photo shots with that mirrored table thing are really awful?

I was also hoping for some trades to happen, but all teams were being careful it seems. But from what I understand this was an opportune time for GMs to lay the groundwork for trades going into the summer, and I for one am confident Lowe did exactly that.

Agree, the Leaves did well to get Toskala, but I would be very upset if the Oilers traded Roloson. And I am sad Markkanen will be up for free agency; and he should've gotten more games last season, I think he certainly deserved it. Wherever you land Jussi, all the best to you and thank you for your part in last year's exciting run.