Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make Room for the Moose!

The Moose is in the Hall of Fame. No surprise there. Surprising is who will be joining him this year as far as I'm concerned. All first year selections as well (Scott Stevens, Ron Francis and Al MacInnis). I was hoping Glenn Anderson would finally make his way into the Hall after being snubbed the past couple years, but once again, he is snubbed. Al MacInnis gets into the Hall? On his first attempt even? Hell, I'd pick Larionov ahead of him. Actually, I'd pick Anderson and Larionov ahead of Stevens.

Anyways, I'll bash the selection committee another time. Let's all celebrate Mark Messier's selection into the Hall of Fame. As my favorite player, I couldn't be happier to see him in the Hall. Keep those elbows up Mess!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yea for Messier! Same sentiments re: Anderson by the way.