Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blow it out your ear Donald

Well it's over, the Ducks won. I personally hate all ducks, Donald included. What went wrong? The Senators did not play all that great. Simple. They didn't choke. They just didn't play the way they did in the first three rounds. Was that in reaction to the magical play of the Ducks? NO! This was a series that was not won by the Ducks, but lost by the Sens. They just didn't seem to have anything left in the tank (it was a long season for them, moreso than the Ducks considering the mountain they had to climb earlier in the season).

So screw you Chrissy, screw you Niedermeyer, and yup, screw you Selanne. I hope you all get a good case of herpes. The gift that keeps on giving!!!

Let's get back to our beloved Oilers. The draft is several weeks away, free agency is right after that and the next month will be huge for our team. Who will they sign (if anyone) and who will they trade for? How much will the EIG put up for the payroll (hell, what will the cap be this fall)? Lots of questions.

Memo to Kevin Lowe: last chance buddy. Get things done please. That means one offensive stud on defense and a huge talent up front. Minimum probably another defenseman (defensive) and possible second line forward.


the weaz said...

well said, the ducks didn't so much win as the Sen's crapped the bed. All signs pointed to an Anaheim win last night. Of not, it was any one's series!

Shannon said...

It was a sad night - why do all the teams I cheer for lose!?

That being said, we have a great year to look forward to!

Go Oil!

Scarlett said...

Yes I'm already looking forward to October and the start of a new season!!!

D. said...

As Shannon and I know, October IS the best month.

Scarlett said...

That's right, cause it's Toby Peterson's birthday month.

Anonymous said...

Such mixed feelings - it was sickening seeing Pronger and his wife with the cup but happy for Giguere. Seeing Ottawa lose in 5 made me even prouder that the Oilers pushed it to 7 games last year despite losing Roli.

Unlike the doomsayers on many other sites, I do have hope and I'm looking forward to October, too. This season's ending was heartbreaking for sure. Aside from the main reasons that have already been covered, there is one aspect that hasn't come up much. I really feel that the intensity of pushing it to the limit both mentally and physically, going all the way to game seven then having a too short of a summer to fully recover has had quite a bit to do with what transpired this season also. Given the character and heart of some of the key players, they still came out hard last fall when maybe they weren't ready which probably contributed to many of those injuries. Add to that guys trying to compensate for the loss of a top defenseman who plays 30 bloody minutes (never did like him, actually feel he is a sociopath)and working with the resulting youngish Dmen and it was a tough slog. Of course I love the idea of blockbuster stud Dman and will continue to hope for it but just getting another experienced or vet Dmen or two will only help, right?. That much I do expect this summer.

And MacT was right; I feel Roli was 'playoff Roli' for the most part last fall and maybe gave a few players some false confidence. Roli proved himself without a doubt that he is a legit starter. I just hope he isn't expected to be in playoff mode the whole season next year. I also think Jussi should have played more games, he's earned it. And I hope he returns, too. Plus he has an amazing smile :)

I also want to say even though Pisani didn't 'shine' (he was blinding in the finals), I thought he was always solid and consistent with few mistakes. And this with a very sick baby at home this year.
Horcoff had really, really bad luck.
Smith, Staios and Moreau - gritty warriors as always.
Hemsky continues to amaze me.
Stoll was making definite progress to the next level before those concussions. One of the brighter memories I have of this past season was that goal which started with Dallas Patrick Stefan's gaffe on the empty net. That doesn't happen without Stoll; a goal looked inevitable, it looked like they couldn't get out of their end to save their lives, but he never gave up on the play. That's character. That's heart. That's why I love the Oilers. That's why I look forward to next season.