Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is It Over Yet???

Is anyone else bored? I am trying to get all jazzed up for the third round but I can't. I'm completely behind the Ottawa Senators but it isn't the same as my obsessive and compulsive love of the Oilers. Although I have the hate of a thousand suns burning against the rest of the teams....

Well Toronto's worst nightmare is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality....Ottawa winning the Stanley Cup. I truly believe this is their year and this is finally a team that you can completely believe in. What a difference a couple years make (remember the Yashin years? What a team of pussies they were!!). Even Daniel Alfredsson is playing like.....hell he's playing like he's Canadian. Damn impressive.

How am I doing with my predictions? I rocked the second round, went 4-0. Hells yeah baby, I'm killing. Overall, my predictions are at 11-1 (damn Wild are my only blemish, bastards). I can't remember a playoffs in which no upsets occured. These were really the top four teams during the year.

Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo has looked awful in the playoffs, barely taking out the Isles and Rangers, while Ottawa has dominated their opponents. The season series is Sens 5-3, and remember many of their victories against Buffalo came when Ottawa was in a tailspin and Buffalo was killing their opposition. However, the Sens came out and won those games when they couldn't beat their own dogs. So I'm thinking the Sens are taking this one, and while it will be close but it's not going to be as close as you think. Sens are on a roll, while the Sabres stumbled into the third round. Ottawa in 5.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs Detroit Red Wings

If Pronger's duckies get into the final, the Oilers get another first round draft pick next year. I'm okay with that. Just don't win the bloody thing (won't happen folks). Well Detroit escaped another upset this year, and has made it to the conference final. Shocking. But I think Anaheim will squeek through to the finals (Detroit's only chance is if Hasek has the series of his life). Duckies in 7.


Shannon said...

I'm so torn about this - I want Pronger out, but I also want a good draft pick. Ok - Duckies can go to the finals, but they can't win.

Sens all the way!

Scarlett said...

It would be great if Pronger got into the finals for the second year in a row, and lost! I would love seeing that. Or him losing in the conference finals is just as good. Either way, GO SENS!!!