Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rumble in the Jungle - The Finals Begin....

The Stanley Cup finals begin on Monday. Yes, it's been almost a week since the Wings-Ducks series was over. Yes, the NHL is on their knees to American television coverage. They want games on Saturday but this Saturday, there is some dumbass ice show in Anaheim so the league basically pushed the series back days to accommodate NBC who will be showing games 3-7 (baring of course any horse races).

The Stanley Cup is coming home. Yes, I am predicting an Ottawa Senators victory. I am 13-1 in my playoff predictions, and yes that also means I'm brilliant. It also means I'm cheering for Comrie over Pronger. I'm not really cheering for baby Mike, cause he's not an integral part of the Sens team. Yes, his name will be on the Cup but big freakin' deal. It's better to have his name than Chrissy's name on the Cup. Priorities folks....

So yes Ottawa will win the Cup. Sure, I am biased against the Mighty Dicks but I truly believe Ottawa is a better team. Anyone who will pick the Dicks will say they have more than one line of scoring. But Ottawa has been getting scoring throughout their lineup and sure, they've depended heavily on the Heatley-Alfredsson-Spezza line but that's a helleva line. There is no stopping them. Plus Emery is heads above Giguere, who is a total headcase. It'll be easy to get him off his game. In addition, he really hasn't been spectacular. His team in front of him has been carrying him. So Ottawa's top line and goalie will win this series in 5 games. Yes I'm staying with Ottawa and 5 games. I've called Sens in 5 each round and that shall not change!

GO SENS!! All of Canada is behind you (okay Toronto isn't but who gives a shit about them? They're just a bunch of self-indulgent arrogant pansies who won't support Canada's team. Fuck em).


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ch-ch-choking NO LONGER!!!

Ottawa Senators, meet the Stanley Cup Finals finally. FINALLY!!! Have we not all been waiting for this moment? Hell yes, and for at least a decade. The team that choked and curled into a ball in the corner has finally put it together and made the Stanley Cup finals. This team is no longer as soft as a....I won't finish this analogy because you know where I'm going with that.

The Magnificent Three (see above) have led this team throughout the playoffs and were held off the scoreboard only once during the playoffs thus far (game four). They scored all the goals today with no goal bigger than the overtime winner from Daniel Alfredsson. Yes, Alfredsson (who wore the goat horns last year, deservedly so) is also the leading candidate for the Conn Smyth trophy this year; he's been spectacular.

Yes, your Ottawa Senators have eliminated the Buffalo Sabres. Yes, they are going to the finals. Yes, this is a team that you can believe in. Gone are the days of Yashin (enjoying him in the Island? hahaha I'm loving he's your problem now). Gone are the days of losing to Toronto (when did they make the playoffs last??) and being pushed around. This is the team to beat. I predicted they'd win in 5 over Buffalo, and what happened? They won in 5.

Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators for keeping hockey alive in Canada. Without them, no one would be watching the CBC!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Ottawa just took a 3 games to 0 in their series with Buffalo last night. Let's take a look at the overtime winner in game two!

The Sens are one game away from going to the STANLEY CUP FINAL!! Three years in a row with a Canadian team baby...time to finish it off!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is It Over Yet???

Is anyone else bored? I am trying to get all jazzed up for the third round but I can't. I'm completely behind the Ottawa Senators but it isn't the same as my obsessive and compulsive love of the Oilers. Although I have the hate of a thousand suns burning against the rest of the teams....

Well Toronto's worst nightmare is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality....Ottawa winning the Stanley Cup. I truly believe this is their year and this is finally a team that you can completely believe in. What a difference a couple years make (remember the Yashin years? What a team of pussies they were!!). Even Daniel Alfredsson is playing like.....hell he's playing like he's Canadian. Damn impressive.

How am I doing with my predictions? I rocked the second round, went 4-0. Hells yeah baby, I'm killing. Overall, my predictions are at 11-1 (damn Wild are my only blemish, bastards). I can't remember a playoffs in which no upsets occured. These were really the top four teams during the year.

Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo has looked awful in the playoffs, barely taking out the Isles and Rangers, while Ottawa has dominated their opponents. The season series is Sens 5-3, and remember many of their victories against Buffalo came when Ottawa was in a tailspin and Buffalo was killing their opposition. However, the Sens came out and won those games when they couldn't beat their own dogs. So I'm thinking the Sens are taking this one, and while it will be close but it's not going to be as close as you think. Sens are on a roll, while the Sabres stumbled into the third round. Ottawa in 5.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs Detroit Red Wings

If Pronger's duckies get into the final, the Oilers get another first round draft pick next year. I'm okay with that. Just don't win the bloody thing (won't happen folks). Well Detroit escaped another upset this year, and has made it to the conference final. Shocking. But I think Anaheim will squeek through to the finals (Detroit's only chance is if Hasek has the series of his life). Duckies in 7.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'll Make Him an Offer He Can't Refuse!

Daryl Katz, the drugstore billionaire and yes, of the Rexall chain of drugstores, has made an offer of $145 million, according to the Edmonton Journal, to buy the Edmonton Oilers. This local boy, who is on the Forbes richest list, wants the Edmonton Oilers and that they will remain in Edmonton.

Is anyone else loving this idea? Hometown boy buys local hockey team? Hells yeah. Or hometown billionaire buys local team? Sounds good does it not? But will the EIG sell? The offer was made several days ago and the owners are now mulling it over. I think this sounds awesome and correct me if I'm wrong, this will be great for the Edmonton Oilers. Finally an owner (only one compared to the 30 we have now) who can and will spend money.

This is good, right????

Update: The offer has been turned down. However, this bit was very interesting:

"When Nichols was asked if that means the matter is closed, he replied: "I would say, at that price, at this point in time, that's probably correct."

So this could be a negotiating tactic. No one ever takes the first offer. OR maybe not.....

"It's a question of, philosophically, what serves the community best?" Nichols said. "Is a larger group of networks better able to sell Oilers tickets and product than one person?"

So having over 30 owners is better than 1? Seriously dude....I call bullshit on that one. Yes having one owner, a local boy who is a billionaire is obviously not as good as 30 owners, which not one is a billionaire. Ahuh, good one Cal.

"And, I guess, the same applies to the building."

He was referring to the much-discussed possibility of a new downtown arena, whose price tag has been estimated as high as $500 million. Nichols is a member of a committee struck by Mayor Stephen Mandel to study the feasibility of such a facility.

If they really want us to believe whatever they are doing is in the best interest of the team, I suggest don't lie and say 30 owners is better than 1. You totally lost me there.