Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Round Two

Round Two begins tonight. Is anyone all that interested? Ugh whatever. It doesn't matter, a Senator will be hoisting the Stanley Cup in five months or however long these playoffs will last.

First, how did I do in Round One? Pretty damn good baby. I went 7-1. The only blemish on my record was the Ducks vs Wild but I think everyone lost on that one. Or at least thought it would go 6 or 7 games. The Wild should be ashamed of themselves with that performance. They were completely dominated. Embarrassing!!! Although I don't mind the Wild being humilated like that. Those damn defensive teams need to be smacked around like that. Or how about the Calgary Shames? Calgary Lames? They lived up to expectations....did they not? Although they did win twice, shockingly. How? Only one explanation: a miracle. And twice.

So wassup for Round Two?

Ottawa Senators vs New Jersey "coma-inducing" Devils

The Devils were lucky to get past Tampa Bay, who actually played quite good (downfall was goaltending as I predicted) but the Senators are on a roll. This team is tough and uses their speed to perfection. Brodeur keeps the series close but his best years are behind him. Sure, the Devils will try to lull the Sens (and anyone watching) into a coma with their defensive-style play. But this is the Sens' and Emery's coming out party. Ottawa in 5.

Buffalo Sabres vs New York Rangers

Buffalo's speed and depth will ultimately win out in this series. Both teams are kinda annoying. I don't know why, but I hate 'em both. The Rangers have an outside chance if Buffalo continues to play as they did in round one. They should have annihilated the Isles but it was a very close series, even though they won it in 5 games. It was very close, and it should not have been. I'll take Buffalo but NY Rangers have a shot. Buffalo in 6.

"Mighty Dycks" of Anaheim vs Vancouver Canucks

I hate to say this but the Mighty Dycks will win this series. I hate 'em with a passion, not only due to the Devil (aka Pronger) but because of coach Randy Carlyle. The whole team just gets on my nerves. However, if Vancouver remembers how to score goals, they have an outside chance. Luongo will have to channel every single Vezina winner of the past hundred years to give his team a chance. Another interesting side-story, GM of the Ducks used to be GM of the Canucks until he was fired (stupidly) several years ago. I never agreed with canning Burke, since he revitalized that team and then they chucked him to the curb. Could this be revenge? Yup! Duckies in 6.

Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks

Another series I do not give a shit about. Who wins? Who fucking cares. Detroit has Chelios so let's hate them. San Jose has Cheechoo, let's hate them too. Who is less hate-able?? Anyways, my first instinct is that Detroit will get this series. San Jose had trouble scoring on the powerplay which might sink their chances. This is the one series that I'm not sure about and I'd love to see Chelios and Hasek smacked around. However, I don't think that will happen (because that's what I want, so of course it won't happen). Detroit in 6.

So there are my predictions!!!

I'm watching the first few minutes of the Sabres-Rangers game and Pierre McGuire has been smacked with a stick (he's hanging out between the benches). Can I just say how wonderful that is? They just showed him, he has a couple nice marks on his ugly mug. Sweet!!! I'll pay for someone else to smack him in the face with their stick!!!


D. said...

Now, will the Sens actually try to win game 2???

Shannon said...

I was glad to hear that the Sens won last night. I hope they take the series.

I'm feeling indifferent to the 'Nucks. Canadian is good, but I just can't quite find the motivation to root for them.

All of my least favourite teams (Carolina was never in, Islanders now out, and the Shames out) are no longer in contention, so now I can leisurely watch!

Scarlett said...

I used to cheer for all the Canadians teams (except the Lames of course) but I can barely muster any enthusiasm for the 'Nucks. Maybe because the series with Dallas put me into a coma. Score some goals you losers!!!

Ottawa has the only realistic chance of winning between the Canuck teams. And a pretty good chance too!!!

Scarlett said...

Oh yeah D...they've never won a game two or gone up 2 games to 0. This has to be the one, please. I hate the Devils....hate!!!

the weaz said...

There has been some good hockey these playoffs. I agree with you about being able to leisurly watch the games. I also used to root for the canadian teams. I have to admit that watching the Canucks win last night made me happy, but I refuse to "cheer" for them, I rather cheer for the defeat of the Dicks *ahem* DUcks much like I refused to cheer for Detroit but chose to revel in the Flames' losses... This doesn't make me a bad person does it?

Scarlett said...

Exactly, we're cheering for the Dicks to lose, not the Canucks to win. Perfect way of saying it.

Bad? No way! That would mean I was bad, and there is no way I am! :)