Saturday, April 07, 2007

How 'Bout them, gulp, Habs?

Cristobal Huet is back in net tonight as the Habs take on the devil, I mean Toronto Leaves. So if the Habs win, they are in the playoffs. Very simple. If they lose, and depending in the manner in which they lose (overtime or the shootout), they could either be in or out depending if the Isles win their last game tomorrow. If they lose in overtime or the shootout, Toronto is done but the Isles can take the final playoff spot with a win tomorrow. Toronto must win in regulation to have a shot.

So let's keep it simple. Montreal wins, and they're in. The end. So I never thought I'd say this, but GO HABS!!

An even more important point: is Cristobal a popular name in France? Did you know Huet was born in France? I did not until I decided to look at his bio, and the guy is from France. Then my next thought, wassup with that name? I've never heard it before. It's actually not French, it's Spanish (Spanish for Christopher). So there you go, a little non-hockey lesson.

AND, the awesome Edmonton Oilers finish out their season in hell, I mean Calgary. This is interesting, the Oilers have a chance to play spoiler, and how sweet would it be to knock the lames out (remember 2002 when they did it to the Oil? I sure do. Revenge time). Calgary has not clinched a playoff spot yet. Is choking in the future of the Calgary Lames? If history is any indicator, the answer is a resounding YES. Whether they choke tonight or in the playoffs, they never let us down. Choking is a way of life to them. It's in their blood. You can't deny DNA.


update: Leaves win. Fuck. Do I cheer for the Isles now? No bloody way. I'd rather have the Leaves in the playoffs than the Isles.


D. said...

At least the Laffs are out. The Isles won't go far. Bergey will screw up. He always does.

Kyle said...

Isles in HAS to be better than Leafs.

Scarlett said...

To be honest, yeah the Isles in are better than the Leaves. It forces CBC and TSN to actually show and talk about the other Canadian teams. But I still hate the Isles. I'm not worried, they'll get bounced quickly.