Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Memo to Kevin Lowe: Wake up!!

I was going to post something, but first go check out Lowetide's post about what he'd tell Kevin Lowe to do. I'm on board.

So the Oilers are 7 pts behind Minnesota and are playing the Sabres of Buffalo tonight. After losing the other night in Boston (no, that was not a typo), this road trip got off to a shitty start. So now what? Can they still go 4-2-1 like everyone seems to think they need to go? Yes, they can. But they need a win and a tie against Buffalo, Detroit or Ottawa (which means they must win in Minnesota, Columbus and Toronto). Damn, it's going to be tough but possible.

So big news out of Phoenix: Shane Doans signs a five year deal for $4.5 m/year. Yeah Doan got 4.5 million a year. Shocking? Damn rights it is. Check here for his stats, not impressive at all. He's never hit 70 in total points, and has 35 so far this year (on pace for 53). What the hell was the point with losing a year of hockey? Owners/GM's are back to overspending. And guess what? The cap will probably be going up another couple million next year. Revenue is up? Sure it is, especially when ticket prices are increased 15% (hello Edmonton). Has revenue really increased if you take away these ticket/concession increases? It's all an illusion.

Kevin Lowe.....there has to be something out there you can trade for? It doesn't even need to be that puck-moving defenseman. How about something to help out our offense??

Oh yes, sign Ryan Smyth. What's going on? Did he reject your first offer? Did he counter? Are you actually negotiating??? Give him 5.5/yr and let's finish it. Will he even accept that?? Does he want more? Too many questions, I want some damn answers.

So tonight, yes Edmonton wins. It'll be 3-2 for the Oil. All goals come from our defense.

Update: Well, the Oilers lose in overtime 2-1 but damn, what a great game. Now that's how our boys should play every night. Easily their best game of the year.


Kyle said...

Scarlett: If Smyth goes, so too does KLowe. He will not be able to recover from that in Oil Country, its simply unforgivable.

Hey, a little OT, but do you know why the Oilogosphere refuses to link to me? I'm starting to feel like a pariah!

the weaz said...

To me losing Mr. Mullet would hurt worse than Gretz, Moose or Weight. Maybe because I'm older or maybe because I have a HUGE man-crush on Smytty. What ever the case may be, Kyle's right, Ryan Smyth goes, K-Lowe might as well go live in the Pronger's basement.

Scarlett said...

Yeah Kevin Lowe becomes the new Pronger.