Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kevin Lowe is Awake

Marc-Andre Bergeron has been traded to the NY Islanders for....drum roll please: Denis Grebeshkov. Who? Exactly. He's playing for Yaroslav Lokomotiv this season (playing along the great Igor Ulanov). Yeah, they didn't even trade for a player that is actually playing in the NHL right now. So yes, again we're trading for the future. What the fuck?? Oh we also give up a third round draft pick. Bergeron and a pick for this kid who's not good enough to make the NYI line-up right now? Come on. Bullshit.

In the words of Kevin Lowe, "We see this as a long-term upgrade.'' Yes the future. What about now?? What are you going to do now? We now have another hole on our defense. Does this signal that you are officially a seller?? Have you given up on our season? It sure feels like it. I'm assuming we'll be calling up someone to fill this position unless more trades are coming? So I guess we'll be seeing all our minor league players from now on. Yeah, Ryan Smyth will love to resign with this team.

I know most people have given Bergeron the horns this year but I can't get down on him completely. He wasn't a horrible player. He had potential, but you can't win on potential. We have too many defensemen with potential right now. I would have preferred Greene to go before Bergeron. I fucking hate Greene.

Anyways, after a shitty game last night to the Leaves. Yeah our boys lost to the about hitting rock bottom. The two best players: Thoresen and Pouliot. It's nice to see them picking up their game, and it was a sweet penalty shot goal for Pouliot. But the rest of the team needs to join them. Sure the Hemsky, Smyth and Horcoff line was buzzing all night, but no finish.

Oh yes, Minnesota won of course. 8 pts back. Are they out of it? Those games against Minny means no, but you've got to make up some ground. Next up, the only other team I would ever cheer for, the Senators. I don't cheer for them cause I'm Oilers only kind of gal, but if I did, it would be for them. I'm beginning to feel hopeless about this team. I think they can do it, but after losing to Boston and Toronto, it shows you that just because a team is better, doesn't mean they will win.

In conclusion: we're fucked.


the weaz said...

We traded a roster player for someone who has played 33 career NHL games and WE are the ones who had to throw in a third rounder.

Here is Kevin Lowe playing Monopoly as a child
KEN Lowe - "Kevin, I'll give you Baltic ave but you have to give me Park Place and throw in a utility."

Kevin - "Deal. Haha... sucker... wait a minute..."

For an encore K-Lowe will trade Horcoff to Florida for a bag of magic beans.

Scarlett said...

Exactly, that damn third round pick totally blew my mind. I can't believe it.