Friday, February 09, 2007

Game Day

It's game day folks, and no trade news yet. My thoughts are there will be none until either after the road trip or near the end of it. The Oilers play tonight vs Chicago and then Sunday against Atlanta. The Oilers (along with Colorado) are a mind-boggling 8 points behind Minnesota and and Vancouver for the playoffs. It's nice to know the Oilers have two games in hand over Minnesota and one over Vancouver, plus they play the Wild five times over the remaining games. BUT, they have got to start making up some ground. These two games before the big 7 game road trip are huge.

Tonight Chicago is in town, and guess what, they are on a bit of a run, winning four of their last five games. Maybe that works in Edmonton's favor since we all know how well they play against those mediocre teams. Stoll is still out with side-effects from a concussion, actually two of them. Thoresen has been sent down and Pouliot has been recalled. I'm not a fan of Pouliot. He's had his chances with the team this year, and has been a disappointment. He's expected to play tonight, taking the place of Winchester and centering a line of Pisani and Torres.

I have more to say, but time to get ready for the game. I'm predicting a 4-2 win for the Oilers, with goals by Hemsky, Horcoff, Pisani and Torres.

Update: Great game by the Oilers, yeah a slow boring second period, but overall, very impressive. Even though it was only a 2-1 win, it was really never in doubt. The shots on net were practically the same, but the Oilers did a great job at keeping the shots from the outside and clearing traffic. And guess who scored, Horcoff and Torres. Yeah good call from me. :)


the weaz said...

Torres? You really think so?

the weaz said...

Ok, you were right.

Scarlett said...

Hmmm I like hearing that. I was right. My favorite words.

I just had a feeling about Torres. He's been playing very good lately (well minus those dumb-dumb penalties). And Horcoff scored. Nice too.

Kyle said...

In my opinion Horcoff has been playing much better lately. Maybe because he's been with Smytty and Hemmers he's been able to simplify his game and do the things he's good at.

Scarlett said...

Those three do play great together. If only MacT had put them back together sooner.

D. said...

Great start to the road trip, Oilers.

Can we just skip to the next season, please? This is too painful.