Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Fat Lady is No Where to be Found

With an excellent win in Detroit last night (SO), the Oilers are now 5 points behind Calgary for the final playoff spot. Yes Calgary has dropped down and wouldn't it be fitting to have a Battle of Alberta fight for the last playoff spot?

Calgary plays tonight and a loss tonight, coupled with an Oiler victory over Minnesota tomorrow could really put Lowe is a precarious position. The Oilers would be 3 pts behind Calgary going into the trade deadline on Tuesday. What does Lowe do? He has to be a buyer. But this team is clicking right now, the young kids called up are playing exceptional (Pouliot, Gilbert, Thoresen, Stortini, and Jacques to a lesser degree). But with concussions to Lupul last night and Gilbert the night before, and Stoll still sitting out with his concussion, some insurance might be needed. With the exception of Stoll, who doesn't appear ready to come back any time soon, the other concussions should be out a week, more or less. So Lowe needs to keep this in mind when trying to make a deal. If he could get a veteren offensive d-man, that would be great. Greene would have to go. With Shaggy back, and Gilbert called up (even though he's out with a concussion), we have an abundance of d-men. Greene is now expendable.

But if Calgary wins today, and Edmonton loses....they're back to 5 pts behind. That doesn't necessarily signal Lowe has to be a seller. This scenario doesn't put Edmonton out of it, but the Oil have to win against Minnesota on Sunday no matter what Calgary does.

So folks, hang in there. The fat lady has gone to get a sandwich. The Oilers are coming on strong. Even though they've gone 2-2-2 on the road trip, they've played some damn fine hockey. Sure the losses to Boston and Toronto may come back to haunt the boys, but a win in Minny could set up the boys for a nice run. They play Minny twice, Phoenix and Calgary once in the next week. Big games!!!


the weaz said...

Fighting for our play-off lives. This is where we shine boys! Let's hope that the fat lady swallows a mouthfull of tacks.

Scarlett said...

If any team can do it, it's the Oil. They have so much experience with it (I wish they didn't).