Sunday, February 25, 2007

The End?

Is this the end of an era? Did Ryan Smyth just play his last game as an Oiler? Does he get to play one more, Messier's retirement game on Tuesday? Will he be resigned by Tuesday or will he be traded? Questions....too many questions. I want some damn answers.

I think since Ryan is not signed yet, it's actually becoming possible he will be traded. However, some of Lowe's comments in the media lately are worrisome. Would Lowe hang onto an unsigned Smitty and risk losing him to free agency, without getting anything in return? I sure hope not. Lowe, get some balls. You have to make the move is he's not signed by Feb 27th. It has to happen.

So with the loss in Minnesota today, the Oilers are 7 pts behind Calgary and 9 behind Minny. Obviously, they are not out of it but it's getting more and more difficult to believe in this team. After playing great on this road trip, they come out flat against Minny. Yes, Minny is a boring (ie: trapping) team that is difficult to just stay awake playing. Have I mentioned how much I hate them and their style of play? They are the New Jersey of the West and I despise them.

Today starts the Mark Messier hoopla. There is a ceremony at city hall, which I will not be able to attend, and the event at the Winspear tonight, which I will be attending. Tomorrow night, Messier's jersey is retired, and yes I will be attending that as well. Yes, that is the trade deadline as well. With Sather in town, will we see a deal with the Rangers? The Oilers have a long history of deals with them, especially since Sather took over.

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Kyle said...

I am very envious of you right now.