Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bashing the Leaves

Edmonton is in Toronto, enemy territory, tonight. So we all know what that means: we get to listen to the broadcasters get on their knees and suck Toronto's....well you know. And to make tonight's game even more entertaining, the Leaves will be celebrating the fact that they haven't won a Stanley Cup in 40 years.

We all know the Oil do not play well following ceremonies but I'm sure watching the Leaves fawn all over their 40 year old record will spark our boys, not them. I'm predicting a humiliating loss for the Leaves. But why is this celebration happening tonight, and against the Oilers? Why not the Habs?? Yes, the Leaves are quite perplexing.

The Oilers go into this game 6 pts behind the final playoff spot (it feels like I've been saying that for months) but are coming off one helleva game against Buffalo. It was their best of the year so if they can build off that game, I have no doubt they will make the playoffs. They just need to keep rising to the occassion against mediocre teams like the Leaves. If they can, they're in.

Sometime today, the Oilers are meeting with Smitty's agent. Lowe, make it happen please.

Prediction: Oilers destroy the Leaves 99-0 with each member of the Oilers, including the goalie, getting a hat trick.


D. said...

I'm going to say a nice, even 100-0 for the Oil.

the weaz said...

I think the leafs will get at least 1. The ghost of Tim Horton will slam back a double double and score one with a minute left in the third. It always happens that way agianst the Oil!

Scarlett said...

I can live with a 99-1 game (especially since the Leaves just scored first).

D. said...

Ughhhhhhhhhh. I don't know what else to say.

uni said...

I just saw that coming...and jeez did the Leafs just push the Oilers around like rag dolls. Torres was hitting out there though and didn't take any penalties from it; just highlighted why he shouldn't be traded.

Scarlett said...

The Oilers used to be so tough. Rememeber last year? Yeah, I don't either.

Torres, great game physically. If only he does that every night.