Saturday, February 03, 2007

20 of 30 = 66.6%

Win 20 of the remaining 30 games, and you might make the playoffs. This includes a 7 game road trip this month, and a 6 game road trip to close out the season. Can it be done? More importantly, can it be done by this team? I say yes, it is possible. Am I delusional? Probably. I still think this team has the skill to do it, even with their defense, but it depends on the divisional games (and hopefully some upcoming trades).

The Oilers have:

-5 games against Minnesota
-2 games vs Calgary
-2 games vs Vancouver
-3 games vs Colorado (including one today)

Those 5 games against Minnesota are particularly important, since they are sitting in the final playoff spot.

So it's the first intermission against Colorado, and I'm just not sure about this team. They played two great games against LA and Columbus, followed by a good game, not great, against Vancouver. So far today in Colorado, there have been numerous missed chances by the Oilers and surprise, defensive miscues. Smid just got a penalty for roughing even though there were ten players on the ice involved in the scuffle at the end of the first period. Interesting choice again refs.

Hemmer scores a beauty of a goal, and it's tied 1-1. Oilers really dominated that period but once again, can't get a bunch of goals out of it. How many times have we seen that this year? Too many times. So heading into the third period, the Oilers are in it.

Oilers score two quick goals after being dominated in the third period (at one point, shots on net were 10-1 for the Avs, thanks Roli for holding the boys in the game) by Greene (that's not a typo, yes Greene) and Horcoff.

(Greene's goal is now credited to Smyth)

Sakic scores with 30 secs to go and now 3-2 for the Oilers. Memo to Staios: get the fuck out of the way. You were in the way of the goalie.

Holy fuck, the Oilers almost blew it. Smith had a chance to get it out, and fucked up and the Avs almost had another chance to score. Whoa that was close, but they got the W. That's all that matters.

I'm sure we'll all be cheering for Phoenix tonight (to beat Minnesota).


Kyle said...

I think the latest 4 games the Oilers have played they've looked about as good as they have all season. We're missing Stoll but the physical play has really been upped which is promising.

11 minutes left in the third and they're still in it.

lowetide said...


It's a long shot, but I'd still trade a prospect and/or a pick for a veteran defenseman. This team deserves the support of the GM in the area of weakness (D) imo.

Scarlett said...

Lowetide, I'm with you on that. Prospect or pick, hell yes. But if Torres/Lupul are on the table, it better be for someone who is signed for next year.

I think we all agree that Lowe has dropped the ball.