Friday, January 05, 2007

More of the same

Did that really happen? What a bloody goal. Hemsky is amazing, but even more amazing was how stupid Dallas is. That's what you get for your showboating Patrik Stefan.

Well you can't be completely happy about Thursday's game with Dallas. First, the Oilers blow a 4-1 lead. They played the first half of the game great. I think all the fans were thinking, hmmm after a nice win over Florida and a 4-1 lead over Dallas, is our team finally back? Umm, no. No, no, and no. Yes they gutted it out, played until the end and tied the game up only to lose in the horrible shootout.

Memo to Gary Bettman: GET RID OF THE SHOOTOUT. I hate it so much. It's so wrong to end a game with the shootout. Maybe I could get on board with it if the overtime lasted longer. 5 minutes is not very long. At least make it 10 or even better, a whole 20 min period. Then go to the shootout.

The Oilers are about to take the ice in Vancouver, and I am not sure what to think. What team will show up, and will they stay around for the whole game?? Let's just hope they don't get embarrassed. I'm assuming Jussi starts tonight (update: Roloson is in net. MacT, what the hell are you thinking? You have a goalie, not playing his best. He's a bit aged, and yet you have him playing on back-to-back nights. Roli needs more rest. This speaks volumes, you don't trust Jussi. You need to give him more starts).

Smid is out; nothing serious but probably out for at least a week. Maybe this is a good thing, and gives the kid some rest. I love the kid, but he's a rookie and has been playing some serious veteran minutes. So it could be a good thing.

Oh yes, Oilers claimed Petr Nedved off waivers this week. Surprise! Kevin Lowe makes a deal finally, but wait, it's not for a defenseman?? He's watching the same team we are, right? Cause this team needs help ASAP. With picking up Nedved, he's stocking up on forwards and maybe it's Horcoff that will be going.

So Petr returns to Edmonton, minus one supermodel. For those living under a rock, Nedved played for Edmonton down the homestretch in 2004 and almost single-handedly dragged Edmonton into the playoffs. After the season, he decided to leave for sunny Phoenix since his supermodel wife did not want to live here (that sounds familiar, does it not?). Well the marriage is kaput and Petr is back in Edmonton after being offered up to everyone, like a cheap whore. After a third time on waivers, we finally claimed him (rumor was Ottawa was going to take him, but after we nabbed him, they traded for Mike Comrie. Ugh good one Ottawa).

So with Petr having the worst year of his career, Lowe jumped at the chance to snag him (for a damn good deal, about $600,000). He scored a powerplay goal versus Dallas, so a good start. But is this the answer to our woes? Is this the answer to anyone's woes?? Ummm probably not. We'll see if he can revive his career, cause it's on life-support right now.

On a positive note, Canada won GOLD at the World Junior Championships today, smacking Russia around with a 4-2 win. Way to go boys!!!


Kyle said...

In my opinion Nedved is there to replace whichever forward will be packaged for a defenseman. Given his skill level and position on the team (2nd line winger) expect one of the wingers to go.

Fingers crossed it'll be Lupul. (Although perhaps I should be careful what I wish for...)

Anonymous said...

This was one of the most amazing goals ever! Wow - it felt like the playoffs again! Thanks for posting the video.


Anonymous said...

Arrghh - what is going on here!? Why did Hemsky have to score that goal in the first place? Squandering that lead was absolutely insane - we need to smarten up!

- Shannon

Scarlett said...

I'm volunteering to smack some sense into our boys. Anyone wanna come along?