Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where's that button?

It is time. Time to hit the panic button.

Last night is the bottom of the barrel. The Oilers lost to Columbus. Yes, Columbus. One word describes last night: embarrassing. I don't care if Hitchcock has taken over reigns of the Bluejackets, this is a nightmare. Columbus is horrible. HORRIBLE. Icing to this cake, we've lost Smitty for some time due to a fractured thumb. He's been played on the IR, so that means what? Probably gone for over a month, maybe two?

So now the Oilers are without Moreau, Hemsky and Smyth. So how many rookies do we have on the team now? And how many players with extremely limited experience? Too bloody many. Stoll, Horcoff and Pisani must step it up and help carry the load. Roloson is tired of carrying this team. Help that man out.

So does Smitty's injury postpone a trade for a d-man? We can afford to give up any forwards right now, but after losing three games, they need help. Can they afford NOT to make a trade? Roloson needs help. Without him, this team would be sitting at the bottom of the standings.

Send out the SOS!!


the weaz said...

And to make matters worse, McGeough is reffing the Vancouver game tonight. When it rains it pours.

D. said...

Hang on, Loyal Oil! I hate these trying times but we will get through it. Just with a lot of gnashing of teeth. Please win tonight, PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you know..we suffer a blowout at Columbus and bounce back by blowing out Vancouver. I'm confident our team will pull through and don't worry about Roli, he just had a couple of bad games.

I hope we win tonight. Retribution!