Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coming Home

The greatest hockey player ever (in my mind) will have his number retired February 27th. Yes, Mark Messier, aka Moose, comes home to Edmonton. I've been waiting for this moment since he announced his retirement. Of course, New York had to retire his number first, but the best have been saved for last.

I want one thing on February 27th: TEARS. Mess blubbered like a wee little baby when the Rangers retired his number, and I want lots of tears for the Oilers. I want Mess to be crying on Gretzky's shoulder. Is that too much to ask?

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this night. I have my season ticket but I am going to buy a gold seat, sit practically in the front row. I saw front row for Fuhr's retirement, and it was truly a magical night. Coffey had his last year, and of course I was there to see it.

Of course, it's too bad it's against Phoenix. I don't like the thought of giving them two more points. We always seem to lose these ceremony nights, so don't expect the boys to win. Sad.

On another note, the boys rebounded quite nicely against Vancouver. They played a pretty good game. I can't remember the last time I said that. A complete game. Yeah they got a couple lucky goals, but this team needed to get a break go their way.

The Oilers will be playing some crappy team from the US. I can't remember their names, I've blocked it out. Ok, it's Carolina Hurricanes. Blah, blah, I hate them, blah, blah. I have never watched the end of game seven, nor do I intend to. I'm sure my friends remember me turning the tv off after the empty net goal. I refused to watch it. But of course, I could not keep away the pictures of Brind'Amour's ugly ass mug holding OUR cup. It was on every paper, on every website, everywhere.

Also, our favorite ref will be working tonight....Magoo. I hope he gets hit with another beer!!

Wow, I'm watching TSN and they're showing an Ottawa game. Wow, shocking. But of course, that means we get to watch TSN kiss Ovechkin's ass all night. I'm glad to be at the Oilers game later, so I don't have to listen to Pierre McGuire raving about the Canes. Oh yes, Brind'Amour is amazing, Ward is the greatest goalie ever. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!!!

Jussi will be starting tonight. I'm actually not surprised. Roli had a good game against Vancouver so he can sit and relax. Let's hope Jussi can bring back his magical play from the playoffs. Keep smiling at the Canes, the reflection from your teeth should blind them!!!


Kyle said...

Damn good game against Carolina - it seems Jussi bottled his magic against Carolina, he played his best game of the year.

I did enjoy the part of the Ottawa game where Scheafer put a white towel on his stick and waved it around. I thought that was Alfredsson's job though...

Scarlett said...

Oooh that's below the belt! hahahaha. Totally, I like Alfredsson but Ottawa needs to trade him. He's proven he can't lead this team to victory. Buh-bye!!!

D. said...

And Scheafer gets fined for waving his white towel. *rolling eyes* Before you know it you'll have to wear an NHL-Approved Muzzle if you want to go to a game.

Joe said...

I was actually impressed with Pierre's commentary during the 'Canes game. Maybe it was because he was in between the benches and couldn't get away with stroking the 'Canes all night while Jason Smith is sitting right next to him.

Scarlett said...

Maybe that's why he was stroking Stoll all night? He has the Gator's stare on him all night.