Sunday, December 31, 2006

All Hands on Deck

I'm not even sure how to start this post. I think this sums things up....FUCK!!!!!

Oil, what the hell are you doing to me? I can barely formulate a clear sentence; the Oilers have caused me multiple strokes with their inconsistent play of late. Inconsistent? That doesn't even begin to describe it. Let's go over some stats for December (updated after the Calgary game).

-5 Wins and 9 Losses

-46 goals against and 35 goals for
-9 PP goals total (3 were in one game, a loss to LA). 26th on PP
-12 PP goals given up (3 in one game, twice). 3rd in PK
-Following a 3 game winning streak in early December, the boys have 2 wins and 8 losses in their last nine. Ouch

Okay, much of December was played without Smitty and Hemmer. BUT.....does that explain the Oiler's inability to play defense? The last time I looked, they weren't defensemen nor goalies. Whoa, hold it. Why not? I can't see it making things worse

Other thoughts: why is Thoresen not playing? He's sat the last five games and I'm not sure if he's playing tonight in Calgary. But Pouliot and Jacques are playing. Jacques is a lovely -8 and no points in 14 games. MacT, what the fuck are you doing? Put the Norwegian back in. He's sat long enough. Time to act like a coach, see if sitting will motivate him (update: he's playing tonight).

Lupul? I suggest we take him out back, shoot him. Put him and more importantly, the fans out of our misery. I just don't understand this kid. Is it the pressure of playing in his hometown, an actual hockey town? Bullshit. Suck it up bitch and show some intensity. I forget he's on this team many nights, he's that invisible.

I won't single out any defensemen out, but you all suck right now. ALL.

Roli....come back. I know you're in there. Please come back. Hang in there, you're get some defense help in March. I know it's a long wait (paging Kevin Lowe, get off your ass, make a deal. Or if time machines are plausible, go back and undue the Pronger trade. How fucking stupid do you have to be to trade one of the best d-men to someone in your conference, who already has one of the best d-men in the league already, and in return you get rookies. Nothing substantial, yet. Sure, in five years we're going to be loving Smid, hell maybe in two years. You needed to get a top two d-man in return. You got screwed on the deal. Burke is a bloody genius. He took you, and hard).

So Battle of Alberta tonight and I hoping this will turn the tide. Calgary always brings out the best in us and if there was any a time to bring out the best, it is NOW. Urgency boys, we need to see some urgency.

In closing, fire Simpson and MacTavish please. Off with their heads too.

UPDATE: Good and bad news. The good: Pronger broke his foot (hahahahahaha). The bad: Oilers suck. Lost to Calgary 4-2.


the weaz said...

If this keeps up we're going to need to start a support group... or build safety nets under the highlevel bridge.

Happy new year!

Kyle said...

The Oilers just look terrible right now. I don't really know what to say, everything that was going right has gone wrong. Hopefully this is just a slump and they'll get their heads out of their asses.

I will say this though- if the Oilers need to dump someone to get the money to pay Smytty, dump Lupul.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Roli, please come back! That being said, he needs some help at the net. Let's get it together!!

Shawn said...

I don't get the Thoreson thing even remotely. I hope he rips it up down in the AHL.