Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Tale of Two Teams

I just got back from Rexall Place, and an Oilers victory 4-3 in the shootout.

The man with the world's ugliest goatee is out of MacT's house, for now. Raffi played a decent game, a goal in regulation and the winning goal in the shootout. I'd like to see a more physical game from Torres, but he's very hestitant to hit. We all know he can punish the opposition with his hard hits, but is such a streaky player. I think the Oilers should create a position within the organization: their job would be to poke the bear, get in Raffi's face on game day. He needs to get that edge and be angry to play aggressively.

Other musings on this game:

- Another disjointed effort. Horrible second period, with only three shots on net. But it wasn't just that, the Wings pinned the Oilers in their end for most of the period.

- Too many giveaways. I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least 20 turnovers in tonight's game.

-Bergeron took another step back on his even strength play. I wish they'd stop putting him and Greene together. They do not compliment each other, unless you count their endless giveaways. BOTH were guilty tonight on many occassions, along with more players than I can name

- There must have over a dozen occassions that Oilers were thrown out of the faceoff circle, with Stoll taking half of them. This is not new to tonight's game. I've noticed this so far this season, especially Stoll getting thrown out ALL the time. I'm perplexed as to the reason.

- Roli is a god. If you disagree, check this out and eat your words.

- The Oilers have abandoned their physical play apparently. It wasn't until the middle of the second period until the first big hit (by Jason Smith).

- Goals/Points from Lupul, Horcoff and Torres tonight (and Thursday against St. Louis): slumps over?? Not quite yet, but we'll know once the homestand is over.

- Detroit is a dirty team that gets the benefit of the doubt. Non-calls led to two of Detroit's goals yet the refs don't hestitate to raise their hand on Edmonton. Come on, just call it fair.

- It must have taken over 15 mins to review Detroit's first goal. Now, what the hell took so long? My feeling is that if it takes that long to review a goal, then it can't be conclusively called a goal. I just got home and saw the replays, but it doesn't look definitive to me. Imagine that, a call going Detroit's way. Hmmm.

- Oilers almost blow the game, letting Detroit tie up the game with 3 seconds left in the game. But win it in the shootout (which I hate, hate, hate. Please get rid of it).

- And lastly, the best sign of the night: "Retire Already Chelios." Yes, not clever but a great message.

So overall, a decent win for the Oil. They need to stop snoozing in the second periods. It's become a bad habit. Just say no. Say no to a nap! This team has a multiple personality disorder. One moment they a hard and fast-skating team, playing physical and creating chances. Other moments, they can't skate, don't forecheck and are sloppy in their own end.

Oh, on a completely non-Oiler related note, the Senators beat Buffalo for the second time this week. Is this team finally turning it around? I hope so.


the weaz said...

Yeah, I'm getting really annoyed with all the missed calls too. And for once I'd like to see Stolly actually take the face-off and not get waved out.

Kyle said...

In Calgary on tuesday there was a sign in Calgary that said 'Hey Chelios, Jesus called, he wants his sandals back!'

If I brought a sign for Chelli though, it would say 'Hey Chelios, remember when you were good?'

Someone should tell Smid if he's going to hand off his stick, he should at least do it properly...

Anonymous said...

Ah leave Smid alone. It was a rookie mistake - the instinct was good, the execution poor, compounded by the fact that Roli didn't really want the stick - he's fine stickless on the glove side. If you're giving a rookie the kind of minutes Smid gets, one or two of those are going to happen. The timing sucked but we made it through.

the weaz said...

I think that we should start now and think of Pronger signs we want to take to the Anaheim game. I saw one this year that said "Pronger is my daddy too"

Anonymous said...

that was an amazing game for sure! woohoo -foxy

Scarlett said...

Pronger is my daddy sign was seen in Calgary, so I was told. Way to go Calgary. I hope to see some good signs when the devil returns to Edmonton.

Yeah Smid is doing good, but should not be on the ice that late in the game. He's learning, and will make mistakes. But I'm truly impressed by his play. He's going to be great....very soon.