Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rock Bottom

So Roli sat out today's game and Jussi played. All I can say, I miss Roli.

Jussi was horrible. Bad goals. Period.

Torres, where are you? And why do you stop skating in the neutral zone? No wonder the Oilers can rarely gain the zone when Torres (and yes, numerous others) stop skating in the neutral zone. You boys are fast, one of the fastest skating teams in the league. Get skating!!!!

I abandoned my "Greene Experiment" sometime in the first period. He was rarely on the ice and I couldn't be bothered to keep an eye out for him. He barely played much time in the third period too. Have the Oilers finally realized this kid needs less ice time to be effective? Also, Bergeron sat out again. I'm assuming he's a healthy scratch again. Hedja got the start again, and I don't notice him much so that's probably good news.

So the boys lost to St. Louis.......bottom of the barrel. Good news: there is no other way to go but UP!

So how do they get out this slump? When Winchester is your best player, you know things are not good. He's been the best player on this road trip (along with Smitty). What the hell is wrong with everyone else???

I don't even want to watch the game tomorrow night, but with Roli back in net, they will stand a better chance than they did today. It's very disheartening to watch this team right now.


the weaz said...

I feel your pain. Great comments.

Kyle said...

I don't think the Oilers looked that bad. Juice let in two softies and the PP continues to stink. 1 problem is immediately solvable (Juice), but the other really needs to be looked at. Honestly, Simpson needs to do something.

An actual puck moving defenceman on the point would be nice. Stolly is fine, but we need another guy out there that knows what to do on the point.

Scarlett said...

Nah you're right, the whole team didn't play horrible. But there are too many players in slumps. Jussi was really bad and what is wrong with the powerplay. MacT is obviously telling them to carry the puck and not dump/chase. Since that is not working, why not try dumping it in? Ugh frustrating.