Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22, 2003

Three years ago today, I was lucky enough to experience the greatest hockey game in history. It was the Heritage Classic Outdoor hockey game in Edmonton, where the Edmonton Oilers played some other team. It was truly a remarkable day.

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It was also a typical November day in Canada.....freezing!!! Brrrrrr!!!!! It was -25 Celcius and being outside for eight hours, yes yes yes it was cold. However, it was worth it! We even had a streaker. Yup, a streaker in -25 degrees Celcius weather.

The Legends game saw the return of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, finally back in an Oilers uniform, plus Jari Kurri, Glenn Anderson, Grant Fuhr, and the greatest player ever, Mark Messier!!

I grew up in Manitoba and saw the Oilers as often as I could in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, I never got to see Gretzky play until November 22, 2003. Plus to see Messier and Fuhr, my two favorite players, back in Oiler blue was fantastic.


Kyle said...

I tried to get tickets but failed. Overall an awesome event, even if it did signal the end of the Oiler's playoff hopes that season. Just to see all the guys back on the ice.

Ken Linesman scores 2 while Gretzky is held pointless? Classic.

Scarlett said...

They were on a roll heading into that game, and afterwards, they stumbled and missed the playoffs.

Yeah Linesman (and McSorley who scored the other goal) are our big offensive boys. I was expecting a few goals from Gretz, Kurri and the Moose. Funny!

the weaz said...

... and you get bonus points for having a picture of a naked bum on your posting and still maintaining an Oilers theme.