Saturday, November 04, 2006

Magoo is at it again!

Snagged this video from HERE. Thanks!

Is there a worse call in the history of hockey?? I don't know, but damn, that was horrible. Magoo is behind the net, yet has x-ray vision. He sees through five people. Don't you think if it really was a hand pass, the other ref or linesmen would have seen it?

Oh yes, Magoo was apologetic following the game. But too late!!

It was a blown call on my part," he said after the game. "It was poor judgment on my part. I thought he had his hand on the puck on the face-off but it was his stick. My judgment was poor on the play.

And to put icing on the cake, MacT gets fined $10,000 for his comments following the game.

"It was a retarded call," Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish snapped. "There is no other explanation for it. I know he is a veteran official and at times I have found his antics humorous. But if this is the product of that there is a problem.

"It was a ridiculous call. I had no idea what he had called. Nobody saw the hand pass on the play because quite clearly there wasn't one. It's beyond reason.

"He should be suspended.

Okay, so a disallowed goal and a goal by Dallas that should not have been allowed (poor Roli was interferred by baby Lindros). A tough game for the Oilers. Sure, they didn't play great but also not bad. They had a bad first period, but dominated the second and came out hard in the second half of the third.

Did they deserve to win? Who gives a fuck!! It's not about deserving to win or lose. It's about battling hard, coming back and putting yourself into a position to win. The Oilers did that. That's Oilers hockey. They battled hard, got back into the game and tied it up.

One question: why is Magoo always our ref? He seems to ref A LOT of our games. My guess is each ref is given a certain division or conference to ref. Is that accurate??

Magoo needs to be fined at the minimum. I think a suspension is due. His punishment needs to be public. I'm tired of the refs being reprimanded behind closed doors. No more!

A public hanging is all I'm asking. Is that too much to ask???

Now what should be done with the NHL's officiating problem? There is a problem. I've heard talk about following what the NFL does, where the officials work together. Maybe we can have a bit more of that. Or bring in challenges. A coach can challenge a particular call, one that is not "reviewable" such as face-offs. Obviously, put a limit to the number of challenges but I don't see why this would not work? Sure, refs make mistakes but the rules are set up in a way that if a mistake is made (that is not goal-related), they can't review it. This needs to change.

Refs need to be make more accountable for their actions. Too much is dealt with behind closed doors. No more. I think if you make such a blatant mistake as Magoo did, there needs to be repercussions. I mean, you have a ref, who has a very well-known reputation of phantom calls. He's in the corner, behind the net, there is ten seconds left in the game, and he calls a hand pass on the face-off. He was obviously looking for something, anything. You have the linesmen and other ref in a better position that yourself, and yet you're confident enough to make the call??? Sure, no bias at all.

So how are the Oilers going to respond? They are heading off on a road trip, playing five games in seven nights (yikes). Are they going to respond, use this as motivation and get back their edge? I say YES! Maybe it's wishful thinking but I just feel this is a huge motivator. It has to be.

Update: Magoo will not be fined nor suspended. I am very disillusioned with the NHL right now. This is a big mistake. BIG!

Update: The boys at Battle of Alberta have set up a MacT Relief Fund to help pay for his $10,000 fund. Go on over and contribute!!!

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Magoo must die. Die die....please!