Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Magical Mullet

How long will the Edmonton Oilers and their fans be able to see Ryan Smyth in an Oiler jersey? He will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. Will he resign with the Oil ??

After watching that dirty hit on Smyth by the Avs' Liles, and possibly losing Smitty to a season-ending inury, it just makes you appreciate him even more. I think we all gave a collective sigh of relief when we heard it was a charley horse. Right now, Smitty (along with Roli the goalie) is the best Oiler. This team can't afford to lose him right now, or ever!!

Will he stay?

According to the Edmonton Journal, Smitty turned down a 3 year, $12 million offer at the start of the season. He's making $3.5 million right now, so obviously a raise is in order. Especially since he had 36 goals last year and is on pace for maybe 40 this year. He's playing the best hockey of his career (don't players always seem to do that the year their contract is up, hmmm interesting. Not in Smitty's case, he also played great last year). So you're probably looking at $4.5-5 million/yr to keep him, right?

The Journal also said:
There is a perception out there that Smyth would take less money to keep playing in Edmonton and Meehan said it would be Smyth's preference to finish his career as an Oiler.

I would love that to be true. Do we think it is? He has already turned down $4 million/yr. Is he looking for more money (all players do), or is it the length of the contract (wants a 4-5 yr deal?)?

Do we give him whatever he wants? Is he worth $5 million/5 years? I would say yes. With idiots like Tanguay making over $5 million a year, the bar has been raised (way to go Calgary, you bunch on inbred hicks). By the way, he has only 3 goals thus far. Good pickup Calgary!

So Kevin Lowe, give that man whatever he wants (obviously try to get him for as low a price as you can).....the magical mullet must remain in Edmonton!!!!


Kyle said...

I agree, give Smytty pretty much whatever he wants. His play lately has not been far off of Iginla, if at all, and Jarome makes $7. Jesus on Skates should be made an Oiler for life.

the weaz said...

Ryan Smyth is the man... THE man. My world would come to a screeching halt if ever Smitty wore any colour other than the copper and blue!

Scarlett said...

I think he'll resign. The Oilers will make this happen!