Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lock Him Up!

Steve Staois has signed a 4 year contract extension worth $10.9 million. He gets paid $2.9 million for each of the first two years of the extension, $2.8 million in year three and $2.2 in the fourth year. Overall, it's a 2.725 hit to the salary cap. This is about what I expected Stevie to sign for. Personally, I was hoping for something closer to $2.5/yr for 3 years. Especially considering he is getting long in the tooth. He's 33.

Next up, the Magical Mullet. Get that boy signed....asap!!!

Speaking of the mullet, Colorado's John-Michael Liles was FINALLY fined by the NHL on his dirty knee hit. Basically it's pocket change and another example of how teams in the West are treated. If that hit had occured to a player from the East, a suspension would have been handed out.

UPDATE: Oilers beat the Flames 2-1. Boring game to be completely honest. I almost fell asleep in Rexall tonight several times. Ok, that might be some slight exaggeration but seriously, both teams were not very exciting. It also wasn't until middle of the second period that I realized, hey Iginla plays for Calgary. He was invisible tonight. Sykora, one of our two favorite Czechs scored twice, nice. Otherwise, Zzzzzzzz. Oilers, get it together. More giveaways as usual.....poor communication led to Calgary's goal. Roli was a god again. We might as well just deify him now.


the weaz said...

Well, 2500 bucks is 2500 bucks. It sucks for him that even after paying money he'll still run the risk of getting his ass kicked on the 30th.

Scarlett said...

He's definitely getting his ass kicked. I will be there to see it!!!

raildogg said...

So who kicks his ass? Gator? Stevie? Torres? Smitty himself? Personally, I would like to see how Smid handles himself when the gloves are dropped.

Scarlett said...

I'd like to see Smid take him out. But it's probably Torres or Gator. Maybe even Winchester, he's got the moves.