Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hell Hath Frozen Over? Maybe...

I can't believe I'm about to say something nice about Calgary.....okay here goes nothing.

Calgary, you guys don't completely suck.

Whew, that was hard to do. I almost feel dirty uttering those words. My hate for Calgary is only eclipsed by my hate for Chris Pronger. I never thought I could hate anyone or thing more than the Calgary Flames but yes I do. So obviously hell has frozen over since I can now say one nice thing about Calgary.

Pronger, who was booed by the (Calgary) fans every time he touched the puck, had his point-scoring streak brought to an end at six games.

So it was nice to see the Oilers finally win last night. I had forgotten what it felt like to watch the Oilers play good. Please don't make me forget again!!!

Smitty and Roli are the two best players on the team right now. Lowe, forget about getting Staios resigned right now. You should be devoting all your time to Ryan Smyth! Get him signed first, then move on to the secondary players. Smitty is your core.

Bergeron sat out last night. I'm not a fan of that. Bergeron already has confidence issues, and this will not help. I thought he has played pretty good of late. He has been carrying the puck more, taking more shots (hello, you have a monster shot, use it) and really stepping up defensively.

One thing I am perplexed about.....Matt Greene. The Oilers love this kid. I am completely in the dark as to why. Do the Oilers like his giveaways, defensive breakdowns, or getting beat wide per shift?

So the next game up for the Oilers is St. Louis. I'm going to do a mini-experiment. I'm going to watch Matt Greene, and document every time he gives the puck away, gets beat wide, is out of position, etc. I will also document the positives: hits, checks, good positioning, and so on. I think St. Louis is a good team to do my experiment with, cause they suck big time. So a team that is as bad as that, the Oilers should have an easy time. Therefore, Greene "should" have an easy time. I believe Greene will have more negatives than positives

Oilers will win on Sunday vs. St. Louis 5-2. Sykora and Hemsky get two each, with Horcoff getting out of his drought for the final goal.

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