Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Raining Hat Tricks!

Thursday night gave us three natural hat tricks. Two in the Oilers-Sharks game. The beautifully mulleted Ryan Smyth scored three goals AND in a span of 2 mins, 1 sec to break a Gretzky record for fastest three goals (2 mins, 18 secs). Yes the Smitty broke a Gretzky record. Awesome!!!!

A quick recap of the game:

-Oilers come out quick, manhandling the Sharks and score the first goal from Winchester (after the game, it was given to Thoresen, his first NHL goal)

-I don't remember what happened next. I must have blacked out. Next thing I know, the Sharks are leading 4-1.

-Hemsky gets a hooking penalty (12 mins total tonight) when he had the puck and both hands on the stick. Hmmm refs made a mistake. I'm shocked. They never screw up like that.

-Oilers get a quick goal from Lupul before the second period ends.

-In a span of 2 mins, 1 sec.....Smitty scores three goals. He also gets his 500th point, all as an Oiler! Captain Canada rules the night.

-Hemsky scores on a breakaway and the game is over. Oilers win 6-4.

-Another Oiler comeback. I think the Sharks saw that several times during the playoffs. hahahahaha How does it feel?

-My favorite cheer from the crowd tonight....Let's Go Oilers, Fuck you Cheechoo.

Overall, not a bad game from the Oilers. Penalty trouble, yes. But several phantom calls (hello Hemsky? Or the too many men? They didn't touch the puck. Oh yes, give the Oilers a bench minor for complaining for too many men. Hmm refs seem to dislike the Oilers. Oh is that McGoo? I believe it is. It's strange that he is around every time the Oilers take lots of penalties. Very interesting). Great comeback, typical Oiler hockey. Roli gives up a couple bad goals, hug the post baby! Hug the post!!! Lowe will be making a deal for the defense by January. No doubt about that.

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