Sunday, September 17, 2006

What a Mug!!

A new Edmonton Oilers season brings one very important thing: new mugshots. These guys look like they are staring down the barrel of a gun, not getting their picture taken. Hello guys, it's called a smile. You are not being shot, you are not being tortured. It's only a camera. I swear. Secondly, please invest in a proper hair stylist. These poor guys are clueless.

Reasoner: Whoa, where am I? Who am I?

Horcoff: Hey, I know how to smile! And I don't look so creepy when I do. I'm quite adorable actually.

Torres: Do you think I'm sexy? No? Come on, landing strips are sexy!

Mikhnov: Я буду вашим новым русским богом!!

Markkanen: I could be in a dental commercial.

Roloson: Hi, I'm the saviour of the Oilers. I'm too busy being your saviour to know how to smile. Someone please teach me?

Sykora: I've got the hair, I've got the smile, and I've got the moves.

Hemsky: I can't believe I'm 12 years old and an Edmonton Oiler. Cool dude.

Smyth: You know me, I'm Captain Canada and the owner of the NHL's most beautiful mullet. Wanna touch it?

There are your Edmonton Oilers.......

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D. said...

Reasoner's pic makes me laugh and laugh. I think I like Sykora's old hairstyle better. Jussi can do no wrong. Hey, nice Russian! Hemsky really does look 12. Smyth - his hair curls around his forehead and ears "just so".