Friday, August 04, 2006

Moose and the Mullett

So with the hockey season less than two months away, let's first talk about the Moose. The greatest hockey player (in my mind) retired a year ago and I've been waiting to hear when the Oilers are going to retire his number. Lowe said last year, they would do it within the next couple of years. But I really hope it's done this season. We need a Messier week; we need the Moose. I saw Coffey's number retired last year (and Fuhr's the year before). It's such a magical night and Mess has always been my favorite. His physical play and intensity lifted his teams to greatness. So come on Lowe, let's get a plan!!!

Okay, I have an ulterior motive. I want to know if it'll be done this season because I'm going to Germany for three weeks and Manitoba for one week in October/November. I'll be here for the home opener but will miss the next six or seven games. So I really would like to know. I'd hate to miss the Moose's night. I will change my trip plans if I can, cause let's face it, my season ticket plus a Moose night comes first!

Okay, second, let's talk about Ryan Smyth, aka The Mullett. What's his future with the Oilers?? He has one year left on his deal, and could possibly be a free agent next summer.

"We're looking at offering Ryan Smyth, Ethan Moreau and Steve Staios extended contracts,'' admitted Howson adding, "Ryan signed a contract last year in a very uncertain market.''

So this was in the Edmonton Sun. Obviously the Oilers will make overtures to him, but the question is: Will Smitty resign? Does he want to stay or become an unrestricted free agent and test out the market? With all the changes made during the off season, will that play a factor? Will making the Stanley Cup finals keep him here or have all the changes during the off season been too much? I personally think Smitty will resign. All our young dogs are signed up, the goalie position is solid, and even though the defence looks possibly shaky, the team is really solid. And we know Lowe is not done dealing. Something will happen.

So will Smitty remain an Oiler? I sure hope so.


Scrubs & Shines said...

Geezz I hope not, with all the signings and trades thus far , I have not even thought of the core players like Smitty, He's one of our top prize players and a guy who's a trooper out on the ice 100% bang for the buck, I would be happy to see Smitty around for some time yet, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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