Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Devil Speaks

I found this from here. So our little Chrissy has something to say. Check it out.

"As Pronger puts it, "I went from being the man to being manure."

Pronger, you speak the truth. You are manure.

"Pronger has a theory about why the rumors began. "It's to discredit me," he says. "Now I'm even more of a villain."

Umm Chrissy, the rumors began because you stuck your tail between your legs and ran off to Mexico. You did not have the courage to face the city and the fans. And second, there was more truth to the rumors than you let on. We all know what happened (couldn't keep it in your zipper and you got caught). You're a coward.

"When asked if fans should worry about him wanting to leave in a year, Pronger doesn't hesitate."No."He takes a long look away, then says it again."No."

Yeah I'd trust him.


Anonymous said...

did he really get caught with his pants down? Elaborate...

Scarlett said...

Yes he did. Mistress confonts wife, tells her all about the affair and then wifey demands they move out of Edmonton.

D. said...

"It was handled professionally by me," Pronger says.

Excuse me? Did I just read that correctly? Really, Pronger, we're not stupid. You just keep saying your favourite phrase ("at the end of the day") and we'll be counting the days until you bring your duck self to Edmonton.

foxy said...

I can't wait to boo him.

Scarlett said...

So running off to Mexico while your agent leaks this to the press before the Oilers staff is informed? Yes that's quite professional.

Anonymous said...

scarlett, source? The tone of the anahiem article seems to make sense then, the long pained gaze off into the distance, blah blah blah. dueche

Scarlett said...

My source....Craig Simpson. He only told after Pronger had finally been traded. Craig said Prongs was a good guy, but a very bad husband (not a one time thing either). So yeah, he can look pained all he wants...it's of your own doing.

Anonymous said...

holy smokes, are you bsing me cuz i'm gullable? I think that little tidbit deserves its very own post

Scarlett said...

Totally true. No bullshit. (if you scroll down the page, I kinda did part of my first post on it, has more info).

Chris! said...

Hey Scarlett, forgive me for being skeptical, but what proof do you have that Craig Simpson imparted this information to you? Not that it sounds totally unreasonable, it's just that it seems like something anyone could say. If you've got access to information that the average Oilers fan does not, you should make that clear. Otherwise you're just fanning the flames of a rumour that can never be proven true or false.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with Chris! here...it's unverified. That and I'm going to have to get around to registering eventually.

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...

Be skeptical all you want. I never said he told me directly, he told a friend of mine (their sons play hockey together). Obviously I would not nor my friend have proof. Unless we walk around with a tape recorder, which we do not. So the proof is, there is no proof. And you can say it's second hand info but I trust my friend.

So make up your own mind. It's your right to form your own opinions. But to me, it's fact.

Chris! said...

Well, if this comes down the friend-of-a-friend pipeline and you choose to believe it based on your source, then that's fine. I guess I have more of a problem with how you seem to be presenting your opinion on how the Pronger situation went down as an indisputable fact rather than as the conjecture that it in reality is.

The point here is not whether our opinions differ on this matter, as neither of us can claim to have proveable information upon which to base an opinion. So it really just comes down to which fiction we choose to believe. Myself, I'm inclined to think that the simplest answer is the correct one: I lived in Edmonton for 16 years; I loved it there, but I could see how someone would not.

I can see how the "Pronger's a philanderer" theory is enticing to some, as it takes the blame for his early exit off Edmonton as a city and places it squarely on the departed player's shoulders, and of course it could be true. But the fact of the matter is simply that none of us knows for sure, not even you.

I guess my problem with this kind of talk is that it's just so easy to belt out because ultimately, no one is accountable for it. And if you don't actually have proof of your claims — and indeed did not even hear Craig Simpson say what your friend purports he said — I just think you should be making that clear, is all.

Scarlett said...

Okay, I'll give you that. I should have been more clear. But I didn't really want to get into too much detail on this issue but I should have.

Rumours occur for a reason, there is always a basis for them. Why of course, we'll never have proof until Chrissy opens his mouth and confirms it all.

AND, I disagree. I am totally perplexed as to why anyone would not like it here. Hell, love it here. But to the point, to demand a trade based on disliking a city when you've just signed a five year deal and made it to the Stanley Cup finals reaks of lies. Bullshit. You'd have to be ten to believe a story like that. Claiming "personal reasons" leaves Chrissy open to rumours and inuendos. Until he's willing to own up to his actions and tell the truth, he's opened himself up to this.

In conclusion....hahahaha.

I'll be more clear in the future.

Anonymous said...

So one would have to be 10 to believe that someone's family just didn't want to live in Edmonton, but the more distinguished mind gravitates towards the humping story and calling him "Chrissy"?

Doesn't it strike you as odd that it's always the same rumour coming up whenever a skilled Oilers leaves before his perceived time? Remember that crap about Arnott being traded to Jersey because his illegitimate kids were piling up in E-town? Or how Comrie was having sex with Tommy Salo's wife, a tryst which conveniently explained both Comrie's sudden fall from favour and Salo's terrible play, and the subsequent trade of both? It's not that these stories exist outside the realm of possibilty; it's just the fact that they're so commonplace and similar in nature that makes them so clearly unbelievable. And yet so persistent, because of people who insist on relating these stories as though they are true, for no other reason than because they're not proveably false.

But, anyhow, thanks for clearing that up. I definitely understand where you're coming from now.


Scrubs & Shines said...

I'm getting on with the new makeup of the team. trades, signings and so on, We really have a great group down at Oil headquarters from the ownership to Joey Moss. I focus on Prongers success as an Oiler , so I'll give the big guy credit, I'll keep in mind how he snubbed his contract obligations and his fans, It was not a cool thing to do, I dont care about his personal life and I wish him and his family the best. I do believe he will make the Duck fans regret getting him before next season ends cause I think his play is going in the direction of the basement, I wished he went to a team a hate more, like Montreal or San Hose... That said , Oil fans are going to be relieved he's gone, as we will when we see Peca's play unfold for Toronto... We did lose a great D man though Spacek (I think thats spelt right)He'll do wonders in Buff... Nuff Said

Scarlett said...

Pronger has been a fairly injury-plagued player so I'm not too sad to see him go. Angry at the way his trade request came out...oh yes, and especially four days after game seven. So he's Anaheim's problem now, and I agree, his play will drop and injuries will creep back in again.

I can't remember the last time Edmonton has so many changes in the off-season. But then again, the core is intact. I think all will be good.

Anonymous said...

Obviosly it'd have to be scaled down when your dealing with a 32 yr old instead of 18. but this situation ended up a lot like the Lindros mess. granted it's all in the future but two blue chip prospects and then high end picks is a lot for someone that'll underacheive through the season.

It's a long season for the Anaheim Media to speculate at the worth of this player before the playoffs start. My bet is Edmonton isn't the only city Pronger gets booed at.

Demanding a trade the way and with the timing that Pronger did has to mean much more than a little dislike for the city. Personal reasons obviously meant family reasons, the kids opinion wouldn't sway the parents to do something like that so their opinion is out. It all comes down to the wife. Now what would have her to the point that she can complain and he has to oblige? Remember their rich so if she misses her family she can fly home every weekend or even live in Arizona for the Winter. I conclude that it wasn't enough for her fly anywhere, he had to leave the city too. The more I think about it I'm convinced the rumors are pretty close.

Anonymous said...

Good blog! This is a bit late, but here it goes:

"People want to make up stuff? I'll go with that. If they want to make it up about me, that's fine. But if you start bringing in my family, you're starting to get a little close …"

I believe CP is the one who brought in his family as an excuse, which I think make him lesser of a human (I don't want to say man, because even a real woman wouldn't have done that). His theory is laughable ... to discredit him, do we really need to do that? Reneging on 4/5 of a contract translate to me: dishonor, disrepute, debase, denigrate, and discredit.

Damn right you are manure, CP, and maybe you have an ounce of integrity left either stop trying to vilify the Oil fans or thank the city and the Oilers for the best season you have (and had), but I am not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Rumours based on fact is a myth. Most rumours are just that, rumours. Also being rich and living in Arizona is just plain stupid, wouldn't you want your family to spend as much time as possible together? Last I checked, half the games the Oil play are in Edmonton not Arizona or anywhere else for that matter. Following that logic I guess everytime a hockey player gets traded after being in a city for a while his family can continue to live in his old city indefinitely? Cause we never see their whole families move with them.

I love these rumours, they're just that, and unless there is proof it just makes those that spread it as fact look petty.

Still pissed off that he left the way he did though.

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