Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Locked in for Six

Ales Hemsky locked in for six years. Wow great deal Kevin Lowe. It's a 6 years, $24.6M contract

1st Year - $3.5M
2nd Year - $3.6M
3rd Year - $3.6M
4th Year - $4.4M
5th Year - $4.5M
6th Year - $5.0M

It works out to 4.1 million a year (salary cap).

Wow. This is the future of the Oilers. Great deal signing our best player (or top scorer) to a very long term deal. I'm very impressed. He's our franchise player now. So now just Lupul left (and Smyth who is a unrestricted free agent next year. Please sign him up to an extension soon).

And Belfour signed with Florida. Oh Florida, why? Take him out back and shoot him. He's an old dog; on his last legs. It's over Eddie.


Chris! said...

Hey scarlett, where'd you find the breakdown on Hemsky's salary?

D. said...

Go Hemmer!

Poor Florida.

Foxy said...

Do you think it's safe to buy a Hemsky jersey now?

Scarlett said...

It's about as safe as it can be. Personally, I'm going vintage Messier next but Hemsky and Roloson look pretty good. Hemsky more than Roli.

Scrubs & Shines said...

If its Vintage Id go with MAC T, my all time favorite player... order me up a R O L O S O N in Blue n Orange, and yes Jussi my back-up!