Monday, July 17, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Good news!!! Peca has signed with the Leafs (or according to my friends, the "Leaves") for $2.5 million. I still think quite overpaid for someone with only 23 points last year, and -4. Sure he played much better down the stretch and in the playoffs playing like the Peca of old but is he worth this much money? Of course not. The Oilers signed Marty Reasoner who will take the place of Peca in the face-off circle, killing penalties and being a third/fourth liner grinder. Also, Marty is getting paid $950,000....that's what he should be for the role he plays. It's important but not worth 2.5 million when you score barely over 20 points (Reasoner had 34 pts last year.....hmmm more than Peca).

So thank you Leaves.....for taking an overpaid, overrated third or fourth liner off our hands. This is just another string of signings by the Leaves.....paying too much money for overrated players (hello McCabe, Kubina, and so on). I fully expect Peca to continue to fall short of expectations, as do most players in Toronto.

UPDATE: Neil Smith has been canned in favor of..........Garth Snow. What? He goes from the Isles backup goalie all the way to GM. Really? Is this an April Fool's joke? It can't be since it's not April. Apparently, owner Charles Wang (his name suits him) wanted the GM to work in collaboration with the coach Ted Nolan, Pat Lafontaine, Bryan Trottier and even the janitor. Too many cooks in the kitchen dude. And since when does an owner hire the GM and coach. That's the President's job. The owner should be signing the cheques and nothing else. What an embarrassment. The Isles have become the Leaves.....hahahahaha. ESPN has more info to this story so check it out. It's hilarious: Wang is a complete wang!

UPDATE: Okay, I guess Peca isn't quite the peckerhead I thought he was. He had some very nice things to say about Edmonton and said it's gotten a bad rap over the past few weeks. I totally agree.

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Scrubs & Shines said...

well put..Peca is not worth it